Buying a cheap used car - MOT advisory advice?

Found 18th Oct 2010
Hi all,

I'm looking to get hold of a cheap 'n cheerful 10+ year old hatchback for a friend (106, AX, etc.) and need a little advice.

The best looking Citroen AX available right now is one with 2 lady owners that has covered less than 40,000 miles altogether.
It's just passed its MOT but has the following advisories:

- brake hose slightly deteriorated
- nearside front constant velocity joint gaiter deteriorated
- offside front suspension component is corroded slightly

This is a '96 P reg AX. I was going to buy a '97 at the weekend but unfortunately lost out at the last moment, it was in great condition from an honest seller.

Which of the advisories are worth getting sorted ASAP if I purchase the car and how much would I be looking at if they become an issue?

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Do none of them, drive it around for a year, next mot'er might pass these … Do none of them, drive it around for a year, next mot'er might pass these things and fail on something elsedecide then if its worth putting money into it

Probably what I'd do too. I've had one tyre with tread 'approaching legal limit' for two years now. I do less than 2000 miles a year, and the same garage MOTs it everytime. He said it hadn't changed a bit and was perfectly legal, just 'approaching legal limit'. If something drops off, get it sorted.
If they were any other than minor points they would have been failures so dont worry about them. I had two on my last MOT for brakes and this time nothing, not even mentioned
my dad bought a car a few weeks ago with a short mot, took it for the pre mot and OH MY GOD! we had a hell of a shock. the amount of work it needed which were advisories on the previous MOTs this can be checked online if you dont have them, it cost him over £1500 and most of the things that needed repair could have caused the car to crash or could have killed someone, my advice is what ever is on your advisory GET THEM DONE! ESPECIALLY YOUR BRAKES!

thats why the last owner sold it, your dad should of checked it all out … thats why the last owner sold it, your dad should of checked it all out first if something left untouched could be dangerous it would be a mot fail not an advisory

we have the last 8 mot's downloaded of the website and the same item comes up on the advisory but never failed the mot until my dad took it, it was the front cross member which holds the engine up, which was the original to the car and rusted SO BAD it fell off when the car was up on the ramps, deadly! so either the last 8 garages were all on a fiddle or they just didnt care ( this is my choice) not one garage failed this as part, as part of the mot apart from our guy.
and with OP got to be honest here why would you chance your brakes going if its on your MOT advisory?
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