Posted 22nd May 2022
Some nightmare stories about them sending CPUs completely unprotected in brown envelopes. But then they have a 2 year warranty - are they decent with honouring it
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    I've heard a lot of horror stories with 2nd hand GPU so me personally I would stay away. All up to you though
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    I got one from them once. It was only a cheapo. It wasn’t particularly well packaged (basically just a bubble wrap envelope with a few layers of bubble wrap on the chip itself) and had a few bent pins (AMD). I messaged to tell them, and they messaged a pre paid return postage label.
    But for one reason or another, I didn’t actually bother to send it back.

    So I think their return process is pretty straight forward if you’re not happy. But that was an immediate return rather than a 2 year warranty return. (edited)
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    In my experience no in my local Cex they don’t even test them they sniff them and if they don’t smell burnt they buy them same goes for ram
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    Are you on Discord? Gigahertz giveaways is one of my favourite channels and they have a tech channel, where they can help advise! Some of the people on there will help you get the best deals or even sell you their old barely used ones.

    I think their website has a competition to win a free CPU at the moment.(I know they have 3 free comps anyway) I know people in person in real life that have won from them before.

    The last guy that won a CPU for free. Signed up to the site (giving him a free 50p to spend on the site) used the free money in their 49p CPU competition and only went and won it! Lucky man.

    As for CEX it is hit and miss and also depends on the store and staff members.
    They wouldn’t take a disc back from me before, when it was in the same condition I got it from them for! And that was only going to give me £6 or something. So I’m not sure I would want to risk a really pricey item from them, but they do offer a warranty.
    So yes I’d say check the individual store and staff members/attitude. Ask around locally for experiences.
    Haven’t had much interaction with them online, so can’t comment on that, but trust pilot and Twitter might give you a better indication.
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    Bought an i7 6700k must be 6 years ago now from CEX, still going strong (fingers crossed). Well packaged and without a problem.
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    I stopped buying online from CEX once they added the additional postage costs (it was the excuse I was waiting for to quit them!). Sadly I have had bad experiences with them - the "funniest" one was when I didn't receive an order and they wanted me to send proof! Don't like the warranty either - it's whatever they currently sell the item for. Got stung when a phone I bought from them stopped working and they did not have any stock to provide a like for like replacement, so they offered me in store credit for whatever the phone was currently selling for in their store. Lost quite a bit as I also lost the receipt and now have no way to recover from that.
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    Bought SSDs and RAM from there with no problem but doesn't mean your experience will be the same
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    I bought an i9-9900K from CEX, I got it delivered to the nearest branch and they said any problems, then bring it back.

    Its a few months into running an Unraid server and was in better nick than the i5 it replaced.

    I liked the fact that I could take it back to a branch.
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    Intel (LGA) chips, especially the non-overclockable variants are a safe bet and can be good value if buying with credit from trades. However avoid them for AMD (PGA) cpus though as you'll just end up with bent pins.

    They're pretty good when it comes to returning stuff from my own personal experience, but it's better to simply not waste your time.
    yes bent pins can be a right pain, sometimes you get lucky and straighten them and sometimes they break off. best to send anything back that has bent pins.
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    If it gets damaged in transit, you will have a huge fight. If it just doesn't work you should be ok taking it back to your local shop. I bought a Ryzen 7 1700 from them and I'm convinced it's got the segfault error, not really sure how to tackle that. Pay with PayPal and you're probably covered, PayPal are so lazy they will almost always side with the buyer if there is an issue.
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