buying a domain name?

Looking to buy a domain name, how do go about it?
It fowards to but doesnt say if it is up for sale or available on there?


you could use whois

to find out who the domain is registered to and might be able to contact them, Is there no alternative available?

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Ok, Found some alternatives that are available, how do you register them?

Hi Stanley,

There are two parts to buying a domain name:

1/. Select a domain name that no-one else has, then
2/. Decide if you are going to hold that web page on your PC (in which case you must leave your PC and broadband switched on all the time) , or pay for a company to 'host' your web page 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

For 1/. above, try…tml
where you can very easily see if your domain name is unique, and choose from a or .com etc from £2.99 pa

For 2/ above, try…php

So, you could set up a domain and have someone 'host' it for £20.87 pa

Hope that helps
who can 'host' your domain from £1.49 pcm

If you're looking for a domain than I'd also recommend 123-reg
If you're looking for .com, .net etc then ]http//op…com is better.

With regards to hosting try ]Cube Websites. They use Hostgators servers, which are very reliable, plus it's only £10/year.
I have a site hosted with them for over a year now and can't say I've had any problems. They use CPanel which makes it really easy to manage your website, create email addresses, view stats and more.

So you can get a .com domain for £6ish from Optinom, and a years hosting for £10 from Cube websites. Within £16-17 you're set for the year - and it's even cheaper if you buy a domain.

Within £16-17 you're set for the year

Wow - thanks MrBrightside1987 - even better (rep added!)

I recommend [url][/url]
"" domains cost only £2.99 a year
".eu" domains cost £8.99 a year (special offer on now = only [SIZE=4]99p[/SIZE] first year)
".com" domains cost £8.99 a year (special offer on now = £4.99 first year)
add VAT to prices above
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