Buying a gaming pc for teenager

Posted 3rd Oct
Looking to buy my son a gaming pc for Xmas and looking for recommendations for a decent one that’s not overly expensive if anyone can point me in the right direction
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If you're giving it him for Xmas then I'd suggest you wait till offers start popping up in November/Black Friday.

Or if a good/crazy deal pops up on…-pc
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what is your budget? and do you know what games your son likes to play?
Does he particularly want a gaming pc?

if he does, he’ll hve a much better idea of what he wants. The worst thing will be getting him something in budget but that’s he’s disappointed with.

if he doesn’t particularlywant one, then I’d stick with a console
It’s. Agaming PC that he has asked for he plays minecraft, roblox and those kinda games looking around £550 if poss
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