BUYING a Hard Drive (Need advice)

    Looking to buy a fast, reliable hard drive. Can anyone recomend one?

    I found this 1…c=1

    I was thinking of getting it but it seems to say in the description that its 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm?

    It also states it has a 64 mb cache which seems a bit big for a 1tb hd.


    internal or external?

    This is almost certinly a 7200rpm. 5400rpm is a typo.

    IF it's internal, then without a doubt this one!…804

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    Thanks for all the replies! Yes im looking for a internal HDD.

    So from what people are saying, the Samsung F3 would be better even though it only has a 32 mb cache compared to the WestenDigital's 64 mb cache ?

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    Yes, the F3 is one of the fastest drives out there.

    Cool thanks I think i'll get one off amazon as its the same price as ebuyer but with free postage
    Thanks a lot for the advice people!

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    Sorted got a F3 off Amazon for just over £42 and 1 day delivery thanks to a free Prime trial. Just need to find out how to cancel it after the 1 month lol ;D

    Found out how to cancel... was tempted by the £87 SSD today but its still twice what i paid for this HDD, Bargin!
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