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Found 27th Jun 2008
Guys, i need a multi gym but my my budget is tight. So, i have found a few multigyms tothat meets my budget and cant decide between them! Can you please help me choose one? They all have similar features with some of them having extra ones like Chest Press/Pec Deck

Im sure this might help a few others also who is looking to buy a multi gym and are tight in budget...
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1) YORK G500

[image missing]

[COLOR="Red"]£215 [/COLOR]with 50kg weight stack with 100kg resistance. (i count this as 50kg and no more)
Comes with a press/pec. 115cmx141cm…spx

Also, if i get this, i get the option of adding the Leg Press Unit for £249 later on...…tml


[image missing]

[COLOR="Red"]£200[/COLOR] with 75kg weight stack
Does not come with press/pec. 116X181cm…AR2

3)Marcy Personal Powerbooster

[image missing]

[COLOR="Red"]£220 [/COLOR]with 22kg with 90kg resistance!!! (AGAIN, not pure weight but resistance and im not sure how it works! and it sounds i might have a problem in a year time!)
Comes with a press/pec PLUS preacher curl. 136X185cm…VAQ

4)Multi Gym (No Name)
[COLOR="Red"]£235[/COLOR] with 100kg weight stack
Does NOT come with any extra station! 130x145cm


5)Vfit Starter Home Multi Gym

[image missing]

[COLOR="Red"]£180[/COLOR] with 45kg weight stack
Does NOT come with any extra station!. 116x140cm…Gym

6)Ironman Multigym

[COLOR="Red"]£190[/COLOR] with 68kg weight stack
Does NOT come with any extra station! 73x140cm
The width of this item is only 73cm which is surprisingly short. Im thinking i the space between the chest press might be too narrow…tml

7)Power2 Single Station Home Gym
[COLOR="Red"]£230 [/COLOR]with 90kg weight stack
Standing squat option which im not much bothered with! No Press/Pec Deck…970
no offence bro, but they all S*** imo.

Buy your self a Squat rack and a Olympic bar and a bench with about 100kg in weights, would be more beneficial to your self IMO.
alot of those links dont work buddy.

what are you looking to do with the home gym? the problem is there very restrictive to what you can do, have you looked into a bench and free weights? would cost so much less and you have abit more rang of exercises you can do
I have edited the links and added pics as well.

Thanks for the answers guys.

I thought about buyin a bench as well. In fact, it was the first thing i looked when i started searching. But than im a lazy guy and if i buy a bench, barbell and dumbbell set, i know i wont be able to carry on with my trainings. I will do it one day, the next day i'll say "nah, i cant be bothered" I have tried that with dumbbels and it hasnt worked for me!

But if its a multigym next to my computer, im sure i'll use it more often than i'd do with using a bench. Im 1.82m tall and 62kg!!! So i cant really lift much weight and home gym is safer than benches i believe.

I just want to get tonned. I have recently started a weight gain programme and i have to train at the same time.
Just buy yourself Wii fit!:thumbsup:
Even tho no one helped me chose one, i have decided and gone for a totally different one.

Weider Pro 4000 with 75kg weight stack and have all the accesories i need.

[image missing]

I also bought this

[image missing]

and this

[image missing]

And i still got my dumbbels for extra free weight lifting... Finaly... My job here is done... Wohooo

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