Buying a house in Poland.

Found 7th Jun
Anyone have experience on International Mortgages. Or on using a UK income to get a mortgage in Poland for a house in Poland? For me and my family. Wife is Polish.
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Best to go to the branch directly and ask what's required these days. There have been a lot of changes recently in Poland if it comes to getting a mortgage. The main change was that you can only get mortgage in currency that you're earning in if I'm not mistaken, so no cheap PLN mortgages anymore. You can expect a lot of hassle regarding paperwork, translating it etc. Good luck.
You need specialist advice from a professional. Google threw up these people (I have no link)…es/

and even then, you might want to look at what the precise motivation is. I did some commercial business in Poland and found unbelievable things in the draft contract which OUR lawyer didn't object to. What's considered normal in Poland is definitely not normal in the UK.

If its a personal matter then you need to decide on which currency you will be valuing and repaying the loan in and how to get a hedge against currency movement.
Have you thought about re-mortgaging or getting a further advance on your UK property mortgage, freeing up cash to buy the Polish property?
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Thanks to all for advice.
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