Buying a House near a recently Re-Opened Quarry

Posted 9th Jun 2021
Hi Everybody (Hi Dr Nick!),

Myself and my partner have put in an offer on a property but have recently discovered that the retired Quarry as of last week as just gone back into action. Not sure how we missed this (searched planning applications but only back 2 years, and this planning was completed 4 years ago), but the house is about 600 meters away from this limestone quarry, with the truck route being past the house down a small country lane, with Truck every 5 mins.

We really like the house and is an ideal village but really stuck in a situation as concerned about -

- Noise from the Quarry
- Structural Damage caused by the planned and timed explosions
- Quarry Traffic, as when it was open 20 years ago the trucks would line the street waiting for the Quarry to open at 6:30 am.
- The silica dust which can cause health issues, I'm aware that this is not visible.

Any help or advice on wether we should buy or pull out of the property would be great, also if anyone lives near a Quarry or used too, any advice would be welcome.

Many thanks
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