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    So i'm planning on visting a puppy this week and I have been told the puppy is not KC registered. I have asked for the reason and she said she wants the puppy to just be a pet. However, Will provide copys of mum and dads KC papers.

    Do you think this is something I should just leave and look for another puppy?



    Unless you're planning to breed off the pup or show her papers aren't important -can be purchased from kennel club anyways

    It could also be that the mum has already had a litter last time she was in season. AFAIK you can only register one litter a year

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    Ok thanks.

    I thought I would see if anyone would say stay away. I did a search online and it wasn't much help. We shall see what she looks like tomorrow and see the parents. Hopefully all will be good!

    view mother and father see what conditions are like, lots of puppy farms out there who don't breed healthy puppies which in turn will cost you dear later in vets bills. best to buy dog by word of mouth .

    I would have thought the price would/should be less if not registered?

    agree with above comment, but hope all turns out well for you though ☺

    You probably already know this but labs are prone to genetic hip, elbow and eye problems. You should find out if the parents have been scored (tested) for these issues.

    I would always try to get hips, eyes and elbows, you didn't mention those, do you have them? And be sure you know what you're getting - we have one show breed, and one field and trial (working) and they couldn't be more different animals if they tried. They're like different breeds. The show is a calm, sturdy animal, like the big cuddly ones you see, whereas my f&t is a jumpy, super high energy creature that needs to be waked several miles more than her "sister".

    Registration papers aren't everything but if they insist the parents are registered, I'd want to see the papers before I bought, not because it's essential to getting a nice dog, but because there are a lot of bad bred labs our there, usually the story is they're irish, brought over here.

    We bought one once, registered dad, accidental mum, nice dog, but we later found out they were just breeding billions of them to make money, we believed them at the time, but they sent out a Christmas email and when I expanded the header there were about 40 of us on there who had all bought puppies, all thinking we bought our puppy from an honest mating mistake, not a backyard breeder.

    A person who breeds dogs with both parents being KC registered will indeed register the puppies, pet homes or not because they are worth more registered. I would be suspicious of the breeders excuse.

    There are so many puppies out there, please choose wisely. Its easy to go for the first ones you find as it's a hard heart who can say no to a little pup when viewing - but it pays to visit many.

    Papers don't always mean better as we have had the best bred dogs who developed problems in the past , but our little dog we have now was unregistered and went blind at age 5 from a genetic condition, even though we saw her parents and their papers. The papers can be any dogs to be honest.

    Labs do need a good reputable breeder because of the hip scoring and prone problems. I wish we had let our heads rule our hearts when we picked our girl because we love her to pieces and seeing her go blind so young has broken our hearts.

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    I will check the papers tomorrow for parents, Is there anything I should look out for in that paper?

    No I don't have the scores for hips, eyes and elbows. Will get them tomorrow when i see her.

    if your paying for a full pedigree and are going to breed then I would want certificates
    if your not being charged pedigree price and want the dog as a pet then paperwork is not important
    I have a springer x boarder collie ( sprollie ) and paid £60 for him , he's nearly 10 now , and he is an absolute cracker of a dog. and i've had a previous pedigree boarder collie which was also a great dog. its the dog that's most important .

    Would go Heinz 57 every time for a dog. Pure bred are more prone to genetic issues. I had a ped collie went blind genetic issue and a collie cross lab. Never a problem with him and I mean nothing. Would never go pedigree ever again. But it is personal choice. deffo check the pup over and their behaviour. Can speak volumes how they have been treated. For me now I would go to dogs trust or something but again purely my own opinion. Good luck in your search mate. Serious decision taking on any pet. Hope you find what your looking for

    I was going to echo what others day - you get a mixed breed and they are hardy little fellows, all my mates who had them never had a problem, but we have had pedigrees and they are so prone to defects - I don't know if it's worse nowadays or just so much over and in breeding but so many pedigrees have problems. I say never again after our one goes but if we ever did I would never get a pure breed again, just so much bad luck nowadays. What with my blind one and my brothers epileptic one , my sisters one with the gammy legs - and yes, they're all different breeds!

    I agree with loisgriffin, having papers is not a guarantee of having a healthy dog. I have had two dogs, a german shepherd and a cocker spaniel that I found through the KC and both had hip problems. Another owner tracked me down and informed me that their german shepherd had been put to sleep because her hip problem was so bad. We took our dog straight to the vets and unfortunately he had hip dysplasia but we managed the condition and he had a long life. Our cocker, who is with us currently, was about 6 months old when he slipped in the snow so we took him to the vets and even the vet was surprised that he had hip dysplasia. He is on medication and we make sure he stays a healthy weight. He is mad as a box of frogs and would play and chase a ball all day if we let him but due to his condition we can't let him. He is 9 years old and still acts like a puppy! As for the Kennel Club I was disgusted with their attitude. I informed them on both occasions about my dogs and I thought they would stop the breeders from breeding or at least insist that the dogs used were checked but they basically said tough! This means the breeders are able to carry on breeding with dogs that have health problems and any puppies from those litters that have a health problem and are used for breeding can pass it on. My next dog is coming from a dog shelter. I keep an eye on, there are so many dogs looking for homes and I would rather pay a fee to a charity than to an unscrupulous breeder.


    I will check the papers tomorrow for parents, Is there anything I should … I will check the papers tomorrow for parents, Is there anything I should look out for in that paper?No I don't have the scores for hips, eyes and elbows. Will get them tomorrow when i see her.

    Watch out for fake papers - there was a recent tv program where a woman was breeding all sorts and declaring they were pedigree with false kc registration. There is no real control for pedigree dogs - just like most items you buy - some are good quality and some are faked.

    Hope all goes well but I'd do a full internet search on the breeder and check with the local vets in the breeders area

    The first labrador pup I bought did not come with papers and given the exact same reason as you. As soon as I bought him took him to vets and one look said take him back, he had hip displaysia and the cost to correct was extreme. It was heart breaking as he was a fabulous little guy but the costs to me at the time were prohibitive.

    When I rang the breeder she knew the score, straight off the bat a full refund no arguments and I keep the pup but unfortunately just too higher costs involved.

    Ended up with a fantastic chocolate aged six months. He was bought for a gun dog but was not making the height so I bought him as soon as seeing him. To say he was a great dog would be an understatement. We had a few medical probs with him, skin complaints etc but nothing major. Labradors if brought up right are the best breed you can get, brilliant with kids and extremely loyal, although forever hungry!
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