Posted 21st Dec 2022 (Posted 7 h, 4 m ago)
It's a minefield!
I'm after a laptop for personal use, which typically will be fairly light. I do, as a hobby want to be able to edit my drone footage without issues.

I'm drawn to consider ram being at least 16gb with the possibility to upgrade it. Also that it should have a dedicated graphics card for when I have the need for editing.

so far, I've come up with this. Although with my limited knowledge, the screen probably isn't the best out there.

would like to hear any advice or suggestions
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    What is your budget?
    It probably best to wait until next week. There usually some discount on boxing day sales
    Closer to 1k the better. I would go up to 1.5.

    I was shying away from gaming laptops, saw a few like Nitro and Legion come up, but worried that I won't get on with the loud fans, multicoloured keyboards.
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    What resolution is your drone footage, and what editing program are you using?

    Your suggestion looks fine but may be overkill, depends on the above.

    Have you tried search, similar question every other week.
    4k, and looking to use filmora.
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