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    I am looking to purchase a laptop for my Dad for father's day. He has just recently learned how to carry out simple tasks on computer. so I am after something which is simple and also easy to use. I only can spend between 300-400 pound??
    any suggestion??



    a spell checker!?

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    well this doesn't answer my question!!

    Samsung nc20. Around £370

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    Samsung nc20. Around £370

    thats a netbook, you can get a far superior laptop for that price...

    to the OP try ebuyer for laptops....

    ideally you want a Core 2 Duo processor
    with independent graphics card
    ideally 3 gigs of ram
    and the processor with at least 2mb L2 Cache…e=4

    is you want a simple netbook then look at the asda deal at the moment for aspire one netbooks for around £150 thats a better option then the expensive nc20 which is a great netbook but for that money you may as well get a laptop :thumbsup:

    >so I am after something which is simple and also easy to use.

    I dont think any one laptop is easier to use than any other.

    If it runs Windows then you have to say a Windows laptop is a Windows laptop.

    Dont buy a netbook. The screens are small, the keyboards are small, and they have no CD/DVD drive.

    They are only any good for people on the move who keep in touch using the web with email, IM and on sites like facebook etc.

    On todays "Dell deal of the day" (Day 7) they have a laptop for £389 which would be ideal for your father.

    He does not need a top of the range, lightening fast laptop. It is not the best CPU in the world, but good enough for a new light user.

    That would be OK for him. Not sure it will get here in time for father day though.…epg
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