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Hi, this is my first post here so hope I don't break any rules..... (be gentle!)

I'm looking to buy a laptop and have done some searching around online for deals, was wondering if anyone had any site suggestions or offer suggestions. The spec i'm looking for is....

1024 RAM
at least 80GB HHD
DVD Writer
Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel Processor (rather than AMD)
Prefer 14" screen however looked at some bigger

I'm wanting to spend in the region of £450 and my usage would consist of Internet Browsing, downloading/listening to music, looking at and editting photos (not at high level) and basic word processing and office functions.

So far looked at the usual sites: Amazon, Ebuyer, Dabs and Dell
Anyone any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance!


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Thanks LuckyJim, both those look really good.....gonna mull it over a while longer. Its always the same, you commit to buying something and an uber-deal comes out the following day!


Thanks LuckyJim, both those look really good.....gonna mull it over a … Thanks LuckyJim, both those look really good.....gonna mull it over a while longer. Its always the same, you commit to buying something and an uber-deal comes out the following day!

Tell me about it. I have been considering buying a laptop for about 3 years and still haven't got one.

I've seen many laptop requests here and its the first time I've seen someone state their screensize preference which is the probably the most important aspect of a laptop IMO. You really should be looking at getting Core 2 Duo in your budget. It's definately worth going to Currys, Comet and the supermarkets etc to get a feel for the different brands/models etc. Fujitsu-Siemens make good basic laptops, Acer can be well specced and Toshiba and Lenovo are very reliable brands.

ebuyer have a Samsung model which matches your requirements but it is only Core Duo ebuyer.com/UK/…581

There's also the new Dell Vostro series, no idea whatsoever if they are any good, also a bit over budget at the moment... hotukdeals.com/dea…liv

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Jah, strangely enough the Samsung you've posted is one of the contenders I'd picked out. I seem to be getting very similar advice from everyone I speak to which is obviously clarifying my choices.

I do like the Samsung, and although the Core2Duo would be better, i'm not entirely sure my usage would constitute a requirement for this to be mandatory.

The search continues.....

In the current market you'll likely find a lot of C2D at around £450 but generally they are 15.4" models. 14.1" models are certainly a smaller sector and consequentially a few ££ more but in my opinion well worth it if you anticipate carrying your laptop about a lot, they usually weight about 400g less and fit into a backpack/bag just that little bit easier...

Really worth looking out for 2GB ram models as well, as if you want to upgrade to 2gb ram in the future you will generally have to remove your 1gb first (only 2 slots, both used). 2GB isn't really a luxury with Vista, it performs considerably better with 2GB than 1GB.

the core2duo version with 160g hd is here


ive been on the hunt for a new laptop myself & like the samsung r20, it gets some good reveiws & from what ive read the only bad point really about this laptop is the poor battery around 2hrs or less depending what your doing of course but this isnt a problem for me as im on the mains mostly anyway, so if the battery length is an issue for you you might want to consider some thing else

# Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor T2080
# 1.73GHz. 533MHz FSB, 1MB Cache
# Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
# 1GB Memory
# 80GB Hard Drive
# Dual Layer DVD ReWriter MultiDrive
# 15.4" Brightview Widescreen Display
# 128MB Intel UMA 950 Shared Graphics
# Wireless Enabled
# Upto 1.5 hours Battery Life


Its £399 online only @ Currys



Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2080 1.73GHz
Vista™ Home Premium
15.4" WXGA
Intel® Media Accelerator 950

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Thanks to all for your help (for a first time poster on this forum I'm well impressed with the help and advice I got!)

I ended up going for Jah's option

Would have been happy to pay the extra 30 quid for the 120GB Core 2 Duo from save on samsung

Alas, I contacted them yesterday and this item has been discontinued.

Thanks again! :-)
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