Buying a laptop from Germany ?

Found 4th Aug 2013
I've bought from the USA before but never a computer from Germany. Can any advice on the problems I might face ? I assume the plug will be difference but the voltage ? keyboard etc and how about extra charges I might face having it postage tax ?
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German language software?

Keyboard will have extra characters on it and keys will be in different places from a UK keyboard which will be confusing.
The voltages are the same but the plug is different try and get a uk spec keyboard ( if you touch type then just change the settings to uk then the buttons work the same as uk but with different symbols)
German Layout

Standard UK Layout

As you are buying from the Eurozone you will not pay import taxes of any kind, all you will pay is the cost of the laptop and the price of the delivery.

It will have a foreign (european) 2 pin plug that looks like this


But they are plug and play with simple adapters that you can get at poundland/poundworld/99p stores or any other shop that sells home electrials.

As has also been said the software will be in German but often can be easily fixed in the language settings. A further point not mentioned is that you will have a fun time getting any sort of support. The tech support will likely be a German language one (many Germans do also speek english) but any issues you have may be difficult to resolve as you are not dealing with a supplier who is in the same country.

A final point is that the machines spec may be slightly different to that you have read in reviews about so you will need to consider that if you are buying based on a UK spec model review. Normally the differences will be minor such additional or missing ports, card readers again missing or added and warranty may also be different to the UK model. Be sure you check the spec sheet very carefully so you know what you are getting.

What laptop are you planning to buy? Is it a Medion?

[Standard UK Layout

Close but that is the US layout (missing the £ sign)
Thanks everyone, the search goes on then. Pity it was a saving of £200 but will be hard to conform to it.
you could always swap the keyboard should be able to get one for £10-£20
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