Buying a mobile phone from

    Im a new member and and i have seen a used mobile phone which i am interested in buying, when i click on the link so i can see description of it, it only adds to my basket and i have an option to contact the seller.

    Is it possible to see description of the phone and maybe some pictures? Am i missing out on something?


    If it's a marketplace seller there may be a description on the page but if not, then if you click on the sellers name you will go to his/ her feedback page and then pressing the contact seller button you will be able to ask for product details etc...
    If they are helpful and reliable they should give you what you ask for, although if the are a big company who sell a lot of phones they probably won't be able to be as specific (for instance) as an independent seller.

    OP how can you use your phone with only hooks?
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