Buying a Nintendo 2DS from Amazon Spain?

I could do with some advice from anyone who has purchased a console from another Amazon European site please!

Amazon Spain have the Nintendo 2DS bundle (Nintendo 2DS Pink + New Style Boutique 2) available which my daughter wants for Christmas.It's sold out everywhere in the UK.

With currency conversions and delivery it's only a few quid above the UK price of approx £80.

I have 2 questions:

1. I assume it would be a PAL console so buying from Spain wouldn't make any difference to buying one in the UK?
2. How does the warranty work? Would I have to send it back to Spain if it breaks? Would Amazon pay for postage as they do in the UK?

Many thanks.


I purchased a moto x play from Amazon Spain in Jan, it developed a fault this month I followed the online returns form, with the help of chrome translation. emailed them a photo of my postage receipt they refunded within an hour.

I can answer the first question for you, no idea about the second question so hopefully someone else can help you on that one.

The console will be PAL, so effectively it is like the UK model apart from one thing...the supplied plug won't be a UK 3 pin, so you would have to use an adaptor.

See here, but the product has a pan European warrenty from Nintendo for 12 months.

CLICK -> Nintendo EU warrenty

3rd point under exclusions at the top, you will be fine.

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I am planning to do the same thing. Will I be able to play games bought in the UK on a Spain 2DS?

Do they have anything like the DVD player region lock??

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