Buying a PS3 today, any good deals out?

    Hey guys, about to go out and buy a PS3, just wondering if there are any good deals at the moment that could help me out? Ideally I would like modern warfare2 and fifa but it needs to remain at
    If anyone could let us no that would be great.

    Kind Regards,


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    oh, im not lazy and trying to make you guys do the work, I've had a good look, i just want to be sure i haven't missed anything. Happy smiles =D Cheers

    I have Fifa 10 for £20 and that includes delivery perfect condition

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    ooh, on that basis then i need a deal that includes mw2

    Buy PS3 with FIFA 10 from Toys R Us for £259.99 and get MW2 from Asda for £35.
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