Buying a second hand psp... what to look for?

ok i'm probably going to buy a 2nd hand psp in the next week or so whilst the wifey is away


so what should i look for in regards to damage etc

i've heard people refer to dead pixels - how do i check them?

anything else?


Dead or stuck pixels should be reasonably visible. Dead will be black, otherwise a stuck will be red, green or blue. They can sometimes be shifted/brought back to life. I can't think of anything else beyond what firmware version it has, depending on what your intentions are.

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homebrewing. not rich enough to get games willy nilly...

what versions cant be upgraded/downgraded?

I think pretty much any can be downgraded now. As they found a kernal exploit in one of the latest firmwares.

However their have probably been firmware releases since.

I think it's firmware 3.03 and below that are downgradable.

i have white pixels? whats that...?

If you get a psp , the jap version has a sharp screen compared to the US/UK versions therefore better..

The buttons are also different- e.g. X to perform actions etc - apart from that they all do the same thing!

You can downgrade the versions as the other posters have mentioned - however on some you may need a copy of GTA "grand theft Auto" v1 to access the exploit to downgrade - these versions are being sold on Ebay and CEX.. however if you do need them make sure you are 100% about the version as the manuf. released patched versions which wont do the exploit.

Memory cards.. get the biggest you can.. use DArk Alex downgraders and CSO compressors to get the max out of your stick!

good luck.

Anything with firmware 2.71 and below can be downgraded with ease. Above 2.71 you'll need GTA LCS (unpatched version) to downgrade. Any firmware higher than 3.03 and you're knackered.

Just checked. Firmware 2.80 can be downgraded without the need for GTA LCS.
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