Buying a TV - Help, stuck between two!

Found 1st Nov 2015
Just looking at getting a budget 32" TV under £160, as we don't watch any TV in our household (we have a projector for movies & shows). It's not going to be plugged into anything but a Playstation 4 which i'm getting in a few weeks. We don't want a bigger one as it could dominate the room too much!

It will be situated in the corner of the lounge which is 2.5 meters away from the sofa which means the 720p/1080p difference should be minimal according to this:…ns/

Anyway I've narrowed down my choice to:

eBay: Proscan PLDED3273 32" HD Slim LED LCD TV 1080p which is cheap as chips but only comes with 3 months warranty.


Currys: JVC LT-32C350 32" 720P LED TV , which looks more aesthetically pleasing & comes with 1 year warranty.

I'm looking at buying it tonight, so if you have any ideas between the two of them or knowledge of something even better please leave a comment.

Thanks in advance everybody!
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what about the blaupunkt ones from tesco, that get posted on here every few days. no experience of them myself, but might worth reading through some of the deal threads on here for them. see what other people's opinions are. should be available to buy in most large Tescos
If you could hold off till Black and Blue Friday later this month then you could bag loads of bargain televisions available on offer from the big stores etc..

Alternatively you don't to have to receive a good thumping to bag a television, you could just stay at home, be sensible and order online, plenty available if your patient and don't mind online ordering.
3 months warranty is a gamble. Probably been serviced so I wouldn't touch it.
Thanks guys, I'm needing it before Blackfriday unfortunately so I guess i'll bite the bullet and go for the Currys one as it has a 1 year warranty

£25 isn't worth the risk of a broken Tv I guess.
Digihome from Tesco is usually cheap and really good,
Also Try and get HD Freeview, its much better if possible
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