Buying a unwanted mobile upgrade

Posted 29th Dec 2009
Hi, i'm looking at buying a phone on ebay and the seller is selling their phone as it was an unwanted upgrade with their contact. This will probably sound like a daft question, but is it safe? I mean it won't cut out suddenly if the seller don't pay their bill (for the contract) on time, i know the sim card would get cut-off but not the phone right? lol

Thanx in advance
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hmm. not sure- but someone will come along and answer in a mo.

just wanted to add that i sold an unwanted upgrade locally and assured the buyer that i would be willing to help should anything go wrong with the phone in the next 18months (duration of phone contract) i kept hold of the invoice/receipts that came with the phone. needless tosay, nowt happened with the phone and nor did the buyer get in touch again., so i've binned the documents now. just a hint to keep u covered.
Usually what happens when some one is due an upgrade, they will upgrade to a phone they like maybe not like but there are various ways an upgrade can occur, example someone could be coming to an end of an existing contract, they phone retentions, they may offer ££s of the current contract with a choice of a free phone.

This person may be happy with existing phone so will sell off phone to make maybe some profit, or sell off phone so they can use that payment towards their contract. Phone will not affect the contract, it hasn't in my experiences anyway.

There are many reasons why someone would sell of a contract phone but generally it should be fine as long as its all brand new.
If they default on their contract then the provider can bar their phone if they choose to unless the person clears any penalty fees.
youll be fine ignore the scare mongering:)
Thank you both!!

I will buy it and see how it goes thanks again
which model? asking price?

im in the phone business i can advise you whther its a reasonable deal or not

which model? asking price?im in the phone business i can advise you … which model? asking price?im in the phone business i can advise you whther its a reasonable deal or not

It's a sony ericsson w995, bought it for £200 and they have included an 8gb memory card, phones brand new with the screen protection still on it... will see what happens!
they sell for £150ish with 8gig mem

remember if you paid using your credit card and the phone becomes blocked then you always have the peace of mind of reclaiming the money
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