Buying a used car with a remanufactured engine

    Went to view a used BMW 3 Series today.. everything was spot on, however, when I was looking through the paperwork, I seen confirmation that the car had the engine changed to a remanufactured engine at a BMW dealership.

    Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Wasn't quite sure so I decided not to buy it until I do some more research.

    Thanks in advance


    If the work has been done properly and carried out by speciallists, i wouldnt be too alarmed.

    There couldve been a genuine reason why the engine needed replacing, such as the old engine deciding to empty all the oil out while running then siezing up.

    Depends on how you look at it.

    The car had a massive fault with the engine. You could view it as you are lucky as that has been dealt with by someone else.

    But as with any car that kind of thing could happen again.

    How old is the BMW?
    Was it repaired by BMW or an independent garage?
    Is there any warranty with the car?
    Is there any warranty remaining on the engine change?
    Has anything been altered with regards to the mileage? Do you know what mileage the engine was fitted at?
    Can you be 100% sure that the damage to the engine wasn't caused by a crash that has been repaired too?
    What is the service history like? Could the damaged engine have been caused by lack of maintenance? If so I'd be a little worried about other things been maintained well (A good service history record should confirm that it has been maintained)

    If it was a BMW dealership then in the past their insurance covered them and it was often cheaper to replace than repair. A work mate had a 750i worth about 30k and it was under extended warranty. It was using about .5 litre of oil every 5000 miles and the dealer said that was not right and couldn't find a fault so swapped out they engine. Total cost including labour £22k! He nearly died when he found out what the cost could have been. So if done correctly then if could be a blessing for you. I had a MGF that dropped a valve and destroyed the engine at 24k miles. MG as goodwill replaced it out of warranty for £1 token payment to ensure I got a warranty on it. It cost MG about 3.1k. That car went on to do 138000 miles before I sold it.

    What year is it? Is it a diesel with a DPF by any chance?

    Most likely a 2.0d with failed timing chain or tensioner.
    If the BMW dealer did the work then I'd not worry (or at least no more than I'd worry about any main dealer doing work...)
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