Buying a used Xbox 360

Found 13th Oct 2017
Buying one from someone on facebook for £30 with a few games. 250GB. They say the console isn't banned from xbox live.

Anything else I should check? Seems too good to be true.
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Seems a fair price - I sold an Xbox elite that I had never even gamed on, just skygo and £30 was my price
Ye sounds about right, i'd proably want it for less. You can pick up Xbox ones for less than £100 now though. That will last you much further into the future and supports games being released for at least another 5 years. The 360 is long dead.
I agree. I know it's £30 but you rather get the Xbox one or the PS4. Second on gumtree should be less than £100.
You probably already know this but the Xbox One plays 360 games in case you weren't aware
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