Buying a used xbox 360 on ebay - need some advice please


Im thinking of buying an xbox 360 of ebay as they are really cheap and have loads of games come with them. The thing is though im a bit worried about rrod, so if i buy a used one how does the warrenty work out? Could i just ask for the bar code or something and check it on the websit?

Im buying it for my son for christmas - do you think it is too early at the moment to buy one? What would happen if the person who had it before got banned from live - would tht mean i wont be able to use it as well?

One more thing - wht is all this talk about what 'chip' it has got? Wht do i need to look out for?

Sorry for all the questions, i really font have any idea!

thanks for the help in advance!


could ask for a reciept. The seller should say if it has RROD, if not then it shoudl be fine. Look for good sellers with lots of feedback too.

unless its very cheap i would recommend you get a new arcade. if the difference is like 20 pounds then get a new one with 3 years rrod warranty.

Don't buy a second hand one off of ebay or any where else for that matter....because the warranty will be null and if it does get a problem no matter how much or little you paid for it they will not fix it for free under warranty. I speak from experience with this....we ended up buying a brand new one 8 months later after our second hand one got rings of death!!
Dont even buy the ones you see for sale at game or the such likes as microsoft just turn around and say our contract is with the original buyer and not with a second hand buyer!!
take care

I bought a brand new ARCADE which developed a problem with the DVD drive after only 1 month. With the XBOX 360 I would really advice you to buy a brand new one and from a shop (much better if local and with free car park) rather than internet. So if you have any problems just take it back and a new one is given to you in no time.

I bought it from GAME and just took it back and got a new XBOX, just the machine though they did not give me a new ARCADE. They basically just took my XBOX 360 and put it in the new ARCADE box and put the new machine in my old box with all my used accesories. But at least I got a new working XBOX 360. I did have to pay for car park :x

Annoying thing was that I do not get a full 1 year warranty in the new XBOX 360 though they said the warranty will still count from the moment I bought the first one.

I would say that probably the best place to get an XBOX 360 is a supermarket that opens 24 hours like Tesco or Asda so you can take it back at any time. I had to wait until the shop was open at 9am :x

I don't think is a good idea to buy a second hand at all unless that it comes from a friend and he gives you the receipts. I will no go anywhere near ebay for XBOX 360

i would never buy a second hand one ever....

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so do u reckon its nt worth to risk it then?


so do u reckon its nt worth to risk it then?

unless you dont mind buying another one in a couple months time.

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unless you dont mind buying another one in a couple months time.

lol, ok then fair enough.

Do u reckon i should wait a coulpe of months for the x mas deals then?
Is it worth waiting for the 'jason' chip thing?
Is it worth buying an elite or is a preium fine?


so do u reckon its nt worth to risk it then?

The only reason why I could think someone would buy a second hand XBOX 360 is to get a modded XBOX 360 which would explain why they need an old one.

But if you are going by the book a new one is much better, I bet you half of the games that you are getting on the ebay deal are games that you probably don't want or would never play.

You might as well get a new one with the games that you do like and with your warranty :thumbsup:

go get the blockbuster deal (2 games and 60gb console for £179.99) i think

or hmv have 2 games and black 120gb console for 229.99

there is lots of deals on the consoles at moment....... look in the deals area
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