Buying a very good balding clipper/trimmer?

    Hey guys!

    Looking to buy a good balding clipper and was looking at the Wahl 5-Star Balding 8110 clippers. Seems to get very good reviews.

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any reliable retailers that sells the Wahl 5-Star Balding 8110 clippers in the UK (as it only seems to be easily available in the US) or if any of you fellow HUKD'ers can recommend a very good balding clipper.

    Thanks guys!


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    I have this clipper at the moment...Wahl Chrome Pro Mains Hair Clipper Set

    Its a good reliable one out of the couple I have bought over recent years, but at times can drag along my skin when its dry.
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    I'm not balding but I do cut to #1 or sometimes #1 on top but plain (no plastic) on back and sides

    I've got the cheapo one (can't remember if it's ASDA/Tesco/Wilko or Argos but it only cost me about £7.50) I've had it almost 3 years with the only issue keeping it oiled and cutting cleanly (but you should do that with every clipper). Just sometimes it's not worth paying that extra for a name/brand unless you are one of those who wouldn't be seen dead without everything designer/branded

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    Because I do to a 'zero' all over, just wanted to see if there's anything better interms of less drag on the skin and going less times with the clipper...
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