Buying a xbox 360

    Ok, so i've been dilly-dallying now for a few weeks about which console to get, based on solely wanting to play madden online and seems, due to the 60fps (360) vs 30fps (PS3) as someone so kindly advised me on here, seems the 360 is the way to go.

    Decided i want a premium, don't have an hd tv, but future proof is always a winner, plus i want a 175w, falcon chipset. Based on this, seems only sure way is to buy instore, since i can ask them to check the boxes and if they don't have what i want, i say no thanks and leave.

    Seems i am looking at £250 for the console, with the unwanted Forza/Viva/Extra controller boxed combo. Like i say, only console, madden 08, Gold Access and quick charging kit needed, but alas, no store will offer/replace items for that kinda combo and i am looking at around £330 for it :?

    I'll therefore be looking to recoup some back on the controller and two games. Would anyone like to make me a concrete offer, for these then, so i can go and buy one instore tomorrow? Or, do i have to wait til post Christmas now? I do not wanna buy or trade off here, cos of returns issues, do not wanna buy online cos of spec issues, lol, i don't want much do i?

    So, anyone any ideas on how i can get the stuff i want, cheap and the stuff i don't want for a fair price?



    360 is the way to go with far better live and better graphics, cant help u out though, although forza is worth it

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    Sorted, gonna go pick one up now from Gamestation for sub £215 for the premium, by trading back into them, stuff from their package Result.....just got them to price match game for madden 08 @£39.99

    You say you don't have a HDTV, but if you have a PC monitor you can buy a VGA connector for the 360 that would give you an HD picture.

    I currently use an Acer 19" widescreen monitor I bought from Argos and find it big enough if I sit at the distance I would if it was connected to a PC (at a desk). My brother also uses a monitor on his.
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