Buying Alcohol From Tesco Online

Posted 23rd Sep 2007
My sister who's 19 wants to buy some alcohol to be delivered to our house

She wants to know does she need to proove her age at the door or have someone whos 18+ accept the delivery at the door?
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For a start keep your story straight...

If she's 19 then she'd be someone 18+ to accept the delivery at the door.

Surely she'd have some form of ID around so it can't be that big of a deal if she does need proof of ID.
t0mm its not gonna work lol i think we know the 'real' story
Noo, cause shes at college and so am i I get served in the 'backstreet' shop.
Oki ill tell her to order it for when shes in
She was gonna leave my little sister to get it.
hmmmm, i dunno about this as i guess its tesco themselves that deliver.

i know when i ordered cutlery from tesco direct they said someone over 18 needed to be in (im almost 23, so no worries my driving lesson serves as ID) and an adult with ID would need to sign, so i kept my purse by the door.
When my order arrived - i took the box, and said you need to see ID right.

He said, no!
I was like, oh ok, ive only bought cutlery anyway.
He said "i think they do this, as someone in the south ordered something from direct, and stabbed someone and they were underage"

I shut the door gobsmacked to say the least!
when i had my groceries delivered from tesco last week my son answered the door and the driver asked for me before he unloaded
Hahahaha. You must have got so excited you forgot to make your first post correct!
As someone who worked for Tesco, you have to have someone 18+ to receive any order containing alcohol or they are entitled to leave the rest of the shopping with you and take the alcohol with them if they are not satisfied that you are 18. They will point you to the t&cs most probably as I am sure they cover themselves there against most things.
Have you considered platform shoes & a fake moustache for your little sister??!?

Have you considered platform shoes & a fake moustache for your little … Have you considered platform shoes & a fake moustache for your little sister??!?

Tesco never checked me for ID.

I'm 17 and apparently look older though so i dunno.

Usually drivers around my end are just happy to get the delivery over and done with!

edit- oh and it wasn't my shopping it was my mum's :thumbsup:
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