Buying and Selling a TV advice

    Hi Peeps

    I currently have a Toshiba 37WL56P TV with stand. Am looking to sell this box when i get a new one - its in excellent working condition. How much do you think i could sell if for?

    Also the tv that i am looking for is:…s-3

    Reason i am getting it from M&S is that i have a friend that works for them and can get 20% off plus claim the VAT back as well. Plus it comes with a 5 year warranty and i think it comes with a free sony blue ray player.

    Is it a good tv to go for?

    Also where is the best place i can get a stand for it?



    I read on BitterWallet that all the Sony TVs had gone up by 17.5% to off-set this VAT reclaim offer, and that the reclaim is only for 15%. I think Amazon are selling a 1080P Samsung 40" for £360, which is where my money would sooner be put than on this.


    probs get about £150

    Original Poster

    thanks CSI - where would the best place be to sell it?



    thanks CSI - where would the best place be to sell it?

    ebay? pickup only and set a proper reserve price

    and only accept cash at the door - never paypal!
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