Buying and sending gifts online directly to the recipients

Found 6th Dec 2009
I haven't done this before so just want to ask beforehand. I would like to purchase a few gifts online and on the websites, it allows me to enter a billing and shipping address. So if I enter the recipient's address in the shipping address section, the items will ship directly to them right? If I enter my address as the billing address, I assume I will receive a receipt but will the recipients see the price of the item at all when they open the gift? And what happens if there is something wrong with the item and they need to exchange/refund it, will they see the price of the item at all?

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if your talking about play or amazon yes they will see the price

Yes they will see the price. Also, whenever I have requested the item sent to one address and the bill sent to the other it has never happened with either Play or Amazon.

No they don't see the price with Amazon it is sent as a gift
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