buying android help

    dear hukders I'm have been searching phones , sites, YouTube n tired of it as it's been weeks
    just too many choices n none of the handset has everything I need
    very tempted between, one+3, xiaomi mi5, redmi pro3, oukitel k6000, umi super, honor 8 or p9

    xiaomi doesn't work on giffgaff I heard so that's out
    oneplus3 battery reviews not coming great I saw u get on screen time around 5 hours + replacement cable cost price putting me off

    what I need is good battery + fast charging
    No micro USB port as they always break
    corning gorilla glass 4 or at least 3

    would also fancy an IR blaster

    don't like lg and Samsung but if any moto or Sony would consider

    budget not an issue but would like it to be around 300 just in case if breaks I don't cry for more than a week

    please suggest as I'm coming of smart ultra 6


    A Oneplus 3 would suit the bill 5 hours sot is not bad at all and a replacement cable would only cost a few pounds from flea bay!
    I've had a Oneplus 2 for over a year and not needed a replacement cable.

    The OnePlus 3 is a great phone I'm getting 5 and a half hours S.O.T.

    ZTE axon 7. Will do the job…U54
    This will be my next Smart phone useing an LG G3 at the moment and my contract is up..

    I live my oneplus one, so the oneplus 3 would be perfect. I've never ever needed an ir blaster on any phone. My phone charges very fast so on screen time is not an issue. Oneplus cables are practically indestructible! Nothing lime iphone ones
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