Buying Audi A3 Need some advice please

Posted 3rd Nov
Good Morning

I am planning to buy an Audi A3. There is one at the audi dealership its 66 plate, mileage is 26k. Its up for £15.5k. When I put the car in whatcar valuation it said the car is worth £15.143. I asked them if they can take the price down abit or even take 15k cash and they said no. There is another car which is a quattro 16 plate mileage is 33k 2 owners. that's going for 16k and the valuation on that car is £16570.

which one do you think I should go for please? can I please have some advice?
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Having no idea on your insurance costs, it may be worth checking how much both options will cost to insure and if you're doing reasonable mileage, what your fuel costs will be. I would also drive both and see which one you prefer.
@Bham_Boy considering you are buying from an Audi dealer the car is expected to be a bit more expensive than buying private or from a non-Audi dealer...
have a look at similar cars which have more miles on them to get an idea of depreciation etc
The online price valuation sites are just to get a rough idea. Usually it doesn't take into account optional extras like pan roof, air suspension, upgraded radio..etc. So you need to figure out if it has any extras that others don't have. Dealers always price their cars above the recommended valuation as well because they know they WILL sell the car. So many people take out financed vehicles these days.
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Have a look for your car on it will tell you if the car is overpriced or not
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Check Motorpoint hotdealers love them now and cheaper than dealers by thousands
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