Buying bagged coal in Bristol

Found 11th Feb 2014

Does anyone know where i can buy bagged smokeless coal in Bristol? I have googled it and the online suppliers seem to have a minimum spend above the level i can afford. I know that B&Q sell it but at 5.50 a 10 kg bag it seems expensive....

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Have you checked B&M? They seem to have a good selection of bagged fuel, don't know the prices but may be worth a look if you have one nearby.
Do you have a Home Bargains near you, this is for open fires and stoves as well

Thanks both, i know theres a home bargains in Bristol, but its not very near me. Does anyone know if there is a local shop in Hanham or Kingswood that sells coal? I keep reading these posts on here where the local shops are cheaper, but i have yet to find a local shop that sells it! Maybe Bristol just isnt a coal place anymore...

Try petrol stations, they usually have coal and solid fuels outside at the garages near me. Morrisons garage sells coal so may be worth seeing if your local does.
various nisa/costcutter/small convenience stores will have some. (or they could get it!)
Thanks everyone
There's a Home Bargains in Brislington, 5 min drive from Hanham
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