Buying car batteries onlin

    Jsut after some general advice, anyone used aor recooment any sites where i can buy a car battry from? found a few but not sure if they're any good or not.


    I wouldn't fancy the chances of a car battery being thrown around a distribution centre and arriving intact. Can you not buy one locally?

    If you insist you could try…rts

    I agree with jtx, there must be some where local to you where you can buy one, it'll be a pain as well if you have a warranty issue with a mail order one & have to send it back !

    all the quick fit places supply batteries or even theyll fit it for a fiver

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    yea, ringing round the locals tomorow but one car relatively in the middle of no where rules out a few places.

    just google your local motor factors - will be far cheaper than somewhere like halfords

    got a new one for my van from fleabay for £40 buy it now., pretty good price.

    Local 1 shop place - £35
    Halfords - £80
    Didnt take long to decide which to go for lol

    Halfords will price match any local store, but their batteries have a two year warranty rather than the cheapo's one year. Guess what I do?
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