Buying cigarettes from Tenerife

    Friends currently in Tenerife, asked if I wanted any cigarettes bringing back.

    Just wondered if anyone has been on here or knows anyone who’s been recently and can tell me if there are any specialist shops that sell the following:
    Black Devil
    West Ice
    Or if they have seen them somewhere over there. They are staying in Playa de las Américas.



    Am i right in thinking you are only allowed to fetch 200cigs back with you from Tenerife?

    When travelling from the EU* to the UK you do not have to pay any tax or duty on goods you have bought in another EU country as long as tax was included in the price when you purchased the items, the items are for your own use, and have been transported to the UK by you. This includes gifts, but does not include any item that is intended to be used as payment or to be resold.

    If you bring back large quantities of alcohol or tobacco, a Customs Officer is more likely to ask about the purposes for which you hold the goods. This will most likely be the case if you appear at the airport with more than:

    3200 cigarettes
    400 cigarillos
    200 cigars
    3 kg of smoking tobacco
    110 litres of beer
    10 litres of spirits
    90 litres of wine
    20 litres of fortified wine e.g. port or sherry

    Please note the following exceptions stand for these EU countries:

    From Estonia - 200 cigarettes or 250g of smoking tobacco*
    From Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia - 200 cigarettes*

    *No limit on other tobacco products as long as they are for your own use.

    * The EU countries currently include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus (Greek part), Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Irish Republic, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (but not the Canary Islands), Sweden and the United Kingdom (but not the Channel Islands).

    he can legally bring only 200 each adult..and i didnt see thos brands in lanzarote-i think he will need a tobacconists..theyre in most towns.

    Tenerife limit is 200 per person, it is classed as out of the EU

    Well all he asked was if any shops sell the asked makes/brands and got bombarded with customs limit.

    I dont remember seeing those brands, but as stated a local tobacconist might sell them. Also as stated you are only allowed to bring back 200. Worth bearing in mind, if you want to try.

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    I know the limit, my friend knows the limit.. I didn't ask about that.

    I just asked if anyone knows of any specialist shops or had spotted them.

    apologies but

    asked if I wanted any cigarettes bringing back

    obv seemed to imply he was bringing a few-and not just to me..


    I know the limit, my friend knows the limit.. I didn't ask about that.I … I know the limit, my friend knows the limit.. I didn't ask about that.I just asked if anyone knows of any specialist shops or had spotted them.

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    Thats why I want to bring back hard to find ones.

    With a limit of 200, theres no point getting something I can get here.

    Thanks though to everyone, nice to see UK Border Force in action


    Black devil cigs are liquorice flavoured and in appearance are fully black.

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    Last time I checked they where Vanilla, maybe they've changed though.

    I think you are referring to Djarum Black.


    How much are 200richmond menthol thanks

    Now or in 2011!? X)

    About €26
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