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Found 4th Sep 2017
Currently in process of buying a circular saw for diy projects. Have looked around but cant seem to decide which one to buy in terms of brand and features it offers. I also noticed buying from amazon was slightly cheaper plus i have £20+ promo that i need to use anyway.

some of the ones i have looked into include:



with option 2, i found that its quite difficult to get the blades in that size compared to other two options. I would really appreciate it if someone could perhaps recommend me one (doesnt have to be from options above) as i dont mind spending abit extra if it means that it will last longer and can be used for different materials (wood, metal, brick etc) with ease

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I would go with the Makita. Most common size, comes in a great box, and should last a lifetime. The only downside compared to the DeWalt is no electronic brake (I have a bosch blue without, never missed the feature). If I was buying a new one today I would definitely go cordless though.

The Revolution isn't really comparable.
All 3 are decent machines, as an owner of various DeWalt and Makita tools I would recommend going for the Evolution....

My reasons as to why are if you look at the sole plate of the DeWalt & Makita you'll see they are pressed steel, whereas on the Evolution it's cast alloy - which means it's much stiffer and therefore more accurate than the DW or Makita.
Additionally, the multi purpose blades fitted are really very good. I was a little dubious about the claims made regarding the blade, but took a chance on an Evolution about 18 months ago and have not regretted it.
Screwfix do comparible multi blades much cheaper than Evolutions version.
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