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Found 15th Nov 2016
Hi, I am looking buy a used mobile from someone on Amazon. I 've asked the guy to unlock it for me prior to the sale, but he declined to do so. Could someone please suggest any issues/problems with buying unlocked used phone?


If it is still in contract and they stop paying the bill it could cause you problems...

if reported as stolen / or defaulted on contract it could get barred by network be very wary


just don't buy it you will thank yourself.

Some networks will only unlock a monthly contract phone after 6 months.

Some people get a contract phone with no intention of ever paying for it, then sell it. The network will then blacklist it when the contract is defaulted on. This can take 3 to 4 months...
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My wife got an iPhone contract three years ago from EE, they told her that after 6 months, the phone was hers to do with as she wanted.

You need to beware though, that some networks may not do this and a defaulted contract may cause the phone to be barred by the network

people also need to bear in mind that any phone can be insured and blocked in order to allow an insurance claim. its not just failing to pay a contract which can cause a phone to be blocked


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Thanks for folks...not going ahead with the purchase.
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