Buying cycling tops from Chinese websites such as Aliexpress. Are there any others?

Found 9th Aug 2017
Why is it near impossible searching for stuff on Aliexpress? Search for something specific and it appears to throw up a load of stuff that isn’t relevant to your search. I guess this is because the stuff people sell on there has no mention of a particular brand or a specific term of what it is you’re looking for. I guess it also depends what you're looking for as well. For example, after a long search I eventually found the following which I actually thought was quite a decent find, the title of which is: Coolmax fabric 2018 Pro racing cycling Jersey for men road bike and MTB riding shirt short. This is actually from a seller selling MAAP cycling tops though as you can see, no mention of MAAP or anything else more specific in the title.


I even tried searched for MAAP stuff after finding the above on their website though this pulled up something that isn’t even of that brand. Very tiresome as you can imagine.

I wasn’t intentionally looking for MAAP gear by the way, it was just one of the brands I decided I liked the look of after looking to see what they had one their website. Took ages to find though.

I’m happy with what I’ve found otherwise though this has been very laborious as you can imagine.

Are there any other website like Aliexpress which are easier to search through? This might be a long shot though thought I’d ask all the same.
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