Buying Desktop PC - better to wait til after xmas?

    My little brother has asked me to get him a desktop computer. I have never built my own computer but I have upgraded RAM/ GFX cards/PSU's before so although I am not confident that I could build him one from scratch, I am confident that given a decent "bare-bones" system I could upgrade it without too many problems.

    Do you think desktop prices (for either a barebones system or a complete one) will be much cheaper after xmas? He doesn't really mind waiting if it will save money but obviously if prices wont be that different he'd rather have it now than later.

    Any advice appreciated!


    I think RAM is coming down in price

    well it all really depned's if you got a spec of a machine in mined & are going to stick to it. If yes then prices are coming down as better parts are coming out. an things will be cheaper

    But if you dont no the spec you are going to want to get & say you have a budget of £500 and just want to get the best parts you can for your money. It will not make a lot of difference when you get it. As you will spend £500 now and you will still spend £500 in a few months

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    I just want the best PC I can get him for the money really. More specifically I suppose I'd be looking at:

    Windows 7 OS
    Quad-core/i3 processor
    500W PSU
    4GB RAM
    600GB+ (ish) HDD
    A graphics card that will handle low/mid level gaming (something similar to the 1GB XFX HD that was posted here a few weeks ago)

    Very vague I know but that is just a rough idea. The max budget is £450 for everything (we already have a monitor). He will use it to play computer games (he plays a lot of football manager at the moment but nothing graphically intensive because his current PC is crap so this could be a nice upgrade) and for school and browsing the internet etc.

    vat goes up a bit

    Yes, note VAT goes up from 17.5 percent to 20 percent after christmas so everything will cost more.

    I think for hardware parts you will not a price drop after xmas (apart from the usual fluctuations).

    Just look for good deals now and buy each part or parts as you see them, no need to buy all the parts in one go.
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    cheers guys I think ill get it now
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