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    Hi. Does anyone know of any sites where you can BUY domain names? All of the ones I found were charging per month or year. I want one for ever.

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    I use it is quite cheap and has a good reputation. You can only ever buy domain names per year but hey if you want to buy 50 years right now I guess you could but it would be a little scary Basically you buy it for a year or a couple years at a time and then each year or whatever you will get a notification a month or so before it is due to expire and you can choose to continue with it for another x amount of time. So as long as you continue paying for it before it expires it's yours forever.

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    Are the [url][/url] domain names which are £2.49pa, or are they just


    Thinks it's


    Are the [url][/url] domain names which are £2.49pa … Are the [url][/url] domain names which are £2.49pa, or are they just

    Well you can buy almost any TLD from 123-reg (top level domain) such as .com, .org, .net, .biz, .cc, etc..... as far as I know there is no such thing as .uk there are only sub sectors of that such as,, and so on. is the UK equivalent of .com I would say although there is a

    I used [url][/url]

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    Was just about to post this too! Just picked up WebUser magazine and found the leaflet.

    **CHEAPEST** Domains! do domains for just £1.99 per year. Really cheap! It's what I was looking for.

    Choose from: .net/.org/.info/…uk/ .biz/.us/.name

    50 e-mail forwarding addresses

    Domain forwarding & parking

    Full DNS Management

    Online account management

    Unlimited phone and e-mail support



    Great 1and1 have a good international reputation so looks like the plan!
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