Buying dongles or MIFIs without sims

Found 15th Jun 2017
I have a data sim but am unable to use it on my Chromebook as I don't have a MIFI or dongle. All the MIFIs I've seen are as packages with a data sim. What's the cheapest way to get a MIFI?
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Wifi hotspot feature on any Android smartphone on either the carrier of your sim, or unlocked or cheaply unlockable. ASDA knocks out a Vodafone First 7 in black or white for £17 online or instore (Amazon £20), and if required: an unlock is 99p via the bay…953…T08
Possibly £20+ if you want a 4G handset. Random example £19.99 delivered direct from o2 that fluctutates between stock / no stock; unlock possibly £1.99 but please check…ew/
Thanks. I was thinking of hotspotting but do you know if this drains your data much compared with a mifi (if the hotspot phone is just a hotspot and doesn't use any background data etc)?
Background data may be used by default apps but unlikely to be significant unless you choose to allow auto-app-updating, which would be kinda weird for you to add a google account and set app autoupdate if the handset was being used purely for hotspot.
Generally consider if cheaper to consolidate all your cellualr requirements including data into one source to effectively have no need for a separate data SIM.
there are quite a few mifi that are not locked to a network, google mifi and you will see loads of them for sale, like this one…KFA
In my experience a mifi device is much preferable to using a phone as a hotspot. Better power consumption and the ease of being able to place it in a suitable position to get the best signal swung it for me.

Didn't realise they had resale value, sure i've still got a couple 4g one's in the cupboard.
Thanks everyone for your answers. I will look into the different options. I will be using the data for my phone and chromebook but I cant do calls/texts using that sim so can't actually put it in my phone. This is just for the data, if I had a dual sim phone it'd be fine but as I only have a single sim phone to best option is to hotspot.
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