Found 12th Jun 2008
Best place?
Anywhere you can get any cashback or something?
Or any places where the rates are very good?
Can get it around 1.22/1.23 from our travel agent, that booked hols with.

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im interested to know as well.

I'll also be interested in finding a good deal on Euro's, nice thread


damn it not being up at like 1.4 back in the day
i too will be keeping an eye on this thread lol

Natwest have cashpoints that pay out euro's in branch and pay better rates than over the counter (or so ive been told by a member of staff):thumbsup:

Barclays bank or M&S both equally as good, i looked everywhere earlier in the year!

I use a Caxton FX as they always give better rates. It is basically a prepaid debit card so you can use it in shops and restaurants and it costs you nothing and you dont get stiffed by the exchange rate again as the card is in euros.

There is a 2 euro charge for using the ATM but as I take out all the cash I need in one go then it still works out better. Also some shops now do cashback which doesn't cost you.

Todays rate is 1.24 euros to the pound or $1.91 to the pound.

Also its much safer than carrying lots of cash around.


this might be helpfull....…ex/

0.5% through quidco and a very good rate 1.2282

iv never used them but im also looking arround for deals

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]my mum gets mine
she's gets 10% extra, she's an OAP
0% commission
from co-op travel..[/COLOR]

Always get mine from travelex. No commission, best rates (checked M&S and banks mostly and can pick up from most airports.

Money Spinning;2300276

MSE has a really useful calculator that gives you the best current … MSE has a really useful calculator that gives you the best current providers...

thats pretty good, thanks


[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]my mum gets mineshe's gets 10% extra, she's an OAP0% … [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]my mum gets mineshe's gets 10% extra, she's an OAP0% commissionfrom co-op travel..[/COLOR]

So if you were to get 600 euro's they would give an OAP an extra 60 euro on top? that sounds rather to good to be true?
great if it works though, I can get my Nan to get it for me then, he he, thanks



I always get mine abroad (1.26 two months ago in the canaries and no commision).

Just got a new Nationwide cashpoint card that you load up with sterling and can withdraw in euros all over europe. You get the top intra-bank exchange rate (about 1.25) with no fees whatsoever.

The Nationwide's Flexaccount Visa Debit card trumps all the other cards as it doesn't load anywhere in the world, is free of interest (unless you're overdrawn) and doesn't charge for withdrawing cash. To get it you need Nationwide's bank account, and while its account isn't bad, it's not the best buy (see the Best Current Account article). For the money savvy willing to play, it's possible to set it up as a second current account and just pre-load it for spending before travelling abroad.…htm
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