Buying Euros for Cyprus Holiday

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Found 8th Sep 2016
Hi Guys - i dont do too much travelling but were off to Cyprus next week.

For the first time we have decided to go all inclusive so were hoping to not spend too much money. We are planning on taking £600 spending money (but not too sure if we will spend that much when there).

My question is - is it better (the exchange rate) to buy your Euros from Tescos or to get your Euros exchanged once you get to Cyprus??

If the difference is minimal i plan to just go to Tesco for convenience as there's one literally over the road.


That depends whether your bank account charges for European cash withdrawals.

Have you looked into a halifax clarity card

it will be cheaper to get euros over here. a lot of places in cyprus look like they have better deals but then charge you for changing money up. Also its quite cheap to eat and drink out (look around) but not so cheap for supermarket shopping especially in the tourist areas

We came back last week from paphos and the exchange rate was better here,I used debenhams who had the best rate

download the revolut app and apply for your card tonight. should have it in a few days. put your £600 on there and then you can spend with the best rates with no fees.

+1 Revolut. Best exchange rate at the time and you can transfer unused money back to your account.
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Another +1 for Revolut
Just got back from Majorca & used it to pay for all excursions & duty free etc, only took 100 euros cash.
Saves a lot of hassle

buy them at postoffice online and get them delivered

or get a fairfx currency card

or as mentioned Halifax clarity.
good rates set by Mastercard not Halifax
no fees at ATMs
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