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Buying Excluive Movie Collectables From Japan & Spending Money on AliBaba Questions?

Posted 6th Jul 2020Edited by:"lettherebedeals"
Hi All, So as I was browsing eBay today, a listing I came across give me some inspiration and a idea which lead me to a website in Japan who specialize in selling some amazing collectors editions of movies that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, these includes steelbooks, books & exclusive content, I joined the website which is mostly in Japanese but shipping is expensive.

I have also seen similar items on AliBaba but this is a site I have never joined, is Alibaba trustworthy?

Do you have experience buying movies, DVD or Blu-rays items from Japan?
What is the overall shipping time?

Shipping cost is always a concern and if I did plan to sell some of these items on, I may be at a loss due to the high amount of shipping costs, not to mention competition on eBay. However some of these items I would love to buy myself, but after multiple experiences buying from the USA, only to get a red card thrown threw the letterbox by the postman demanding additional customs charges kind of made me stop buying from places further than Europe, and now my concern is, will buying from Japan result in similar experiences?

I would appreciate your input on this matter... Thanks and have a great day all.
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Alibaba has been mentioned here before, I think the general consensus is that they are fine to use. Please do a search as I can't remember off the top of my head.

A few years ago I used to buy video games and audio CDs direct from Japan. Delivery times were realistic and not unbearable (maybe just over a week).

Import duty was (and still is) enforced for all countries on a random basis, and only if the parcel is [advertised as being] above a certain monetary value.

I think I got charged only once but I believe it is enforced more now than before. Always factor this into your cost before purchase.
I’ve used them once few years back. But stick to AliExpress, most sellers what are on AliBaba are on AliExpress anyways
Alibaba is a marketplace like ebay, the original site that Aliexpress branched off as it's now catering more to wholesale. So trustworthiness comes down to individual sellers.

As far as I'm aware the only customs union the UK has currently is with the EU so you'll pay VAT and customs duty when applicable for items coming from anywhere else.
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