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hi got a friends birthday coming up soon he supports derby county, i was just wondering if i buy the tickets at the ticket office at club in derby can i just give them to this person for him to attend i,ve tried to order online but i was wanting to send the tickets to his address but cant do that due to security checks etc needing to be same postcode as my credit card, so only way it appears if i go direct to ticket office in derby,

not sure about rules of tickets nowadays, but is it allowed to buy the ticket then give it to my friend do they ask for proof , do any names go on the tickets etc etc,


All clubs have different policies your better off phoning the ticket office directly and they should be able to help you.

With Arsenal/Liverpool the tickets have to go to the billing address of the card you pay with, when ordering over the phone, but there are no names on the tickets!
How kind of you to give your mate this kind of present
Have some rep

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will ring ticket office at derby before going just to make sure lol, be waste of trip otherwise, thanks for responces

The tickets will not be named so you can buy them at the shop and give to whoever.

Its only the likes of major finals tickets that are named from what I know.

If i remember correctly, at Derby County they usually open the gates at about 3.05pm so the depressed fans can start to leave, you might be able to sneak in then.

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hehe he might leave in tears the way they playing this season, but its the thought that counts:)
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