Buying from Amazon european sites such as FR DE ES etc?

Posted 10th Jan
Buying from Amazon in the UK would have free delivery once over £20, but how does it work with Amazon France, Spain, Germany etc?

Do you pay postage & packaing or is it free once over their minimum spend? Does it make any difference if you're buying fro ma third party but Fulfilled by Amazon?

Thanks for any advice.
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You have to pay p&p unless you get a free trial of prime for that country. No free postage over a certain spend without
Ah, thanks - was thinking that might be the case.

It looks like 'Prime benefits' are only available to users of that country?

I'm obviously won't be, but will free delivery still work other than premium delivery which I assume is same / next day?

What are other peeps experiences?
You always pay for international shipping (the cost is very cheap though), Prime is only free delivery within the country. I've ordered loads over the years from foreign Amazon sites and the only time i take a prime trial is when i'm on holiday in the USA.
.... and make sure you use a clarity card or similar when paying so that there are no conversion fees
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