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Posted 9th Dec 2011
Has anyone brought from a non uk Amazon site?
I am looking at buying from the french amazon as the prices are cheaper.
Does anyone know what costs might be involved(vat,credit card for buying in euros)
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We've bought from Amazon Fr & De. They adjust the prices at checkout to show the diff in VAT (though I think UK is higher) and currency conversion.
I live in France ... And I generally buy from Amazon UK as, ahem, the prices are cheaper! Maybe it depends what kind of products we're talking about. Anyway, I can say that is just as reliable as its UK partners.

VAT in the UK is 20%. VAT in France is generally 19.6%. Nothing to choose, except that your postage costs will be higher from France.
Oh, re your credit card charges ... I suggest you see the website of your card issuer, but I think most cards charge 2.75% for the currency exchange.
Thanks for the advice :D.I will give it a go and order from
If I have Amazon Prime in UK, can I use it in France? Not bothered about films and music, only postal charges.
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