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i just got a 1 month free amazon prime trial and i want to buy some stuff from Amazon itself as they are the only ones who will give me next day delivery, so how do i search for stuff that is actually from amazon and not other companies selling on amazon. E.g. if i want to buy a external hard drive using amazon prime to get it next day, how can i search for it and not one from "Digital Components Ltd"


The one that offers the Super Delivery thing is often amazons own stuff i believe.

Search for something, click at the left hand side under shipping option.

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Search for something, click at the left hand side under shipping option.

i do that but it still comes with other companies selling stuff not amazon, even when i proceed to checkout it won't do next day delivery as it is not amazon, but for some weird reason they come up as being prime eligible

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Where did you get the trial?

it's on the main page on the left hand side where it says "Amazon Prime" then when you click it it should say you can have 1 month free trial.

on the left hand side there is a option which u tick for diffent compaines, tick the one which says

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edt ok i found that option, i have to pick the category first then click seller. But it still comes with other sellers i just did it typing "dual layer" in the search box.

careful gettin the trial i forgot to cancel and payed still its so nice to get next day delivery on stuff you buy directly from amazon
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