Buying from Amazon/J.Lewis/etc ONLY after reading appalling reviews of other e-tailers(box,ebuyer,laptopsdirect)...

Posted 29th Nov 2022
I almost found the laptop I wanted after infinite research and was about to choose but then I checked trustpilot and other similar websites about these online retailers reputations...
talking about , ebuyer, laptopsdirect and even Costco..
if you look into those reviews the recent people's experiences really put you off from buying from most of them;wrong deliveries,lost parcels or stolen by couriers,returns and repairs rejected for ridiculous unfair reasons,customers out of their pocket chasing their money back..why all of these retailers are somehow mentioned in many threads?I know some are not in business with HUKD,fine, but others are nonetheless popular and allowed to post about their deals but then...just read those reviews..for cheap items people possibly won't care much but for a £1.5K-2K laptop you need to know that you can have a decent warranty and your money back without going into legal disputes...
also Lenovo's website seemed to have bad reviews..
I'm now put off from buying on one of these retailers and can't find the same deals on Amazon or John Lewis or even Curry's..
What are real life recent customer experiences of HUKD members with those retailers?Please share them here.
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    Always pay directly with a credit card for S75 cover.
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    Ebuyer fobbed me off. Took my money and cancelled the order. Said it was some issue with PayPal, but i suspect someone in their back office nicked it because it was good value. Havent used ebuyer for well over 12 years, so not dealing with them again.

    Agree with your post, sticking with JL and Amazon. Never had issues with them.

    Sometimes its more than just the price, its paying extra for the the CS/warranty.
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    It's interesting that you would buy from somewhere like Amazon or Currys but wouldn't trust somewhere like Costco.

    If there was a delivery problem I Know one retailler would look after me and go above and beyond to sort it out - And it isn't Currys!

    Costco has some truly amazing customer service and a just as impressive warranty. Their delivery isn't the quickest in the world especially if it's a larger item. The overall expericence (and pricing) Makes it a much better deal than going with the big high street name.

    Similarly with eBuyer. They are my go-to company for buying tech. I recommend them to all my friends and family too. Customer service is again second to none.

    To go into the other comapnies you mention. Lenovo was fine to deal with. They ship from the Netherlands so takes a few days but delivered by UPS no problem at all. Customs was already paid and cleared so no hold-ups. Never had to speak to customer service so can't comment on that.

    Box, by all accounts including one personal experience was pretty dire though. I'd never shop again with them personally but I'm sure others here probably have differing opinions.
    Up until circa Oct 2022 the issue with purchases direct from the Lenovo UK online store is that it wasn't a UK store.
    All the goods were sold by a foreign company, where the foreign company inherited the consumer obligations but generally deliberately chose to distance itself from them, openly.
    That foreign organisation latterly started to use its UK-based arm to sell the UK Lenovo store products, but with little improved respect for local legislation until binned by Lenovo last month who subsequently decided to sell its own products direct to consumers.
    It will be interesting to see how Lenovo fares acting as the seller, especially considering the same organisation's ebay store has a questionable reputation and has attracted much hate from HUKD to the extent that it is/was a suspended merchant.
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    Most people only use Trust Pilot when something goes wrong. I don't pay much notice. Never had a problem with Box or Laptopsdirect.
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    Wish Retailers and delivery companies were forced to reveal their stats on customer service complaints, late and lost and damaged parcels.
    Places like HUKD or other deal site could refuse links until said company clears up it act!
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    I have had nothing but good customer service from Amazon, and the one time I had issue withJL they resolved immediately.
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    Buy "sold and shipped by amazon" and you'll bypass a lot of headaches. Most of the time item arrives with a problem, click a few options on the page, print off a label and hand it to the postman the next day and you'll have a refund as amazon gift credit within a few hours because the second it's tracking label is pinged you get your refund (in my experience).

    If it's a third party seller on their site you have some hoops they have to jump through before they can give a refund through their sites A-Z buyer guarantee.

    I bought a blu-ray sold by third party shipped by amazon, just looked at it today and discovered while still sealed in plastic its obviously used since there's a tear and wear in the front cover. So not looking forward to spending an hour talking to live chat today.
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    Despite having a dubious approach to paying UK taxes, Amazon are my go-to place for most things.
    Mostly because their CS is pretty much the best (in my experience of course).
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    Lots of people have had bad experiences with Curry's, Amazon and John Lewis. There's regularly posts.

    As already said, you hear more about negatives than positives and they all occasionally get something wrong. You just have to weigh it up and decide who you personally trust more... otherwise you'd never buy from anyone!
    I'm not saying that the big ones never gave any headaches to any customer but do you think that dealing with Amazon (specifically bought from Amazon directly) or JL or Curry's would be more difficult than with the other ones?I suppose that statistically (taking proportion of sales volume into account) you have better chances to solve issues and recover your money or anything in between with the bigger ones vs the others. As much as I don't like big corps I still think I got more leverage and ways to sort my problems with them. Maybe is false security or call it whatever, I don't know about the othe ones..that's why I'm asking people what they think,based on actual personal experiences.
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    Can't say I rate John Lewis, the other year I had to make a formal complaint because the expensive 4k blu-ray player I'd returned 6 weeks previous hadn't even been sent for repair (been left sitting out back all the time). When went to get replacement, they initially tried to fob me off with a lower model. (edited)
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    It's interesting to see these mixed experiences from the companies I mentioned. Surely the less problematic and better to me seems Amazon when sold directly. John Lewis maybe not as good as it used to be, probably less easy to deal with,but still okish. Others to be seen.
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    I won't use Amazon as they screwed my over with some Air Pods - John Lewis have always been amazing so they get my money now.

    And yes, the Air Pods were sold by Amazon but they kept me talking for weeks re a replacement and then the year warranty ran out so they didn't want to know - I know I am in the minority but they are con artists. (edited)
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    My go to: Amazon
    (Gold star customer service for me - with Prime)

    My "never again":
    Zavvi (and other Hut group)

    (both an absolute clown show - Staples slightly worse)

    My top advice is don't use a place without a phone number. There's a reason they don't want to speak to you.
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