Buying from Apple - Education Discount, are there any workarounds?

Found 27th Jul 2009
Im looking to buy a Macbook Pro and haven't been a 'student' for a number of years now.

I have a couple of friends in eductaion, but wonder how easy it is to actaully qualify for the discount. Could they order it for me, but use my credit etc....?

Any expericences or tips would be greatly appreciated.
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i believe you need to order from an on campus address for it to work
The education discount works if you are on campus - it picks up that you are on JANet (try and go to the education store yourself now - it will just tell you that you need to be on the right network)
Your mates are only allowed to buy one of each type of machine per academic year - so be careful that they haven't already/want to buy a machine of their own.
The easiest way would be to simply transfer the money to them and let them go through the whole ordering process just in case.. If you want to take a risk (in terms of Apple checking eligibility) then I'm sure they can order it but use your details.
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