Posted 6th Jan 2023
I have around £500 of Argos vouchers and there is nothing I want to buy for myself.

I was thinking of buying items that hold their value well if I wait for a 80% off fees ebay offer then list the items I bought at Argos.

So basically I would like to get back at least £400 for the vouchers after fees.

So what items at Argos are best to resell on ebay?

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    How much would Cardyard give you for them? I can’t imagine it would be much less than £400
    They will give £425
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    why not just sell the vouchers at a discounted price?
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    You could use them to purchase You Choose All Access Gift Cards from Argos…359

    They can be spent at a wider variety of places, including Sainsburys for groceries.
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    Just an FYI Argos and Amazon can no longer be sold on the forum.
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    Donate them might be a nice gesture if you really don’t need them. I’m guessing food banks could use them to buy essentials? 
    Sure, who doesn't need £400 odd these days
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    I personally wouldn't go down the ebay route even with the 80% off fees because you'd still have to pay for postage.
    Also bear in mind most recent delivery issues, item being delivered in 1 piece, headache of buyer being genuine and not a scammer.
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    As someone previously mentioned, sell on cardyard. Less hassle to deal with people on any *insert selling platform*.
    Slightly OT but are retailers starting to wise up to cardyard. Only reason I ask is that my AA membership gives me a 10% discount online but can't be used in combination with gift card or vouchers
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    I would ask around friends and family first to see if there is anything they want or if they would buy the vouchers from you. If there is no near expiry date there must be something you will want at some point.
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    Just Googled - why not use them in Sainsbury's - food, household goods, electrical items, clothing etc?
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    Buy a PS5 when they next restock, then sell it on eBay, you'll get the £500 back easy!
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