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    Hi all.

    Im going to be buying a very nice camera from someone on gumtree for £45. It has several pictures, one of it turned on. The camera though does not come with a charger or USB cable.

    I am not able to get to his place, nor can he come to mine, so it would be an in town meeting. But since i would have nowhere to plug it in, i have no way of testing it.

    What can i do to protect myself incase my paranoia comes true and it does not work when i arrive home?

    He has offered to send me more pictures too.


    Get him to charge it first, or find out the cable required and take that with a laptop with you.

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    Ok, well he has gotten back to me saying there is a little charge left, so that is fine

    BEWARE. My house was burgled last week, and they got stuff like this. My camera was nicked, with NO charger or cables. I would assume if this is the case, it's either MINE or nicked. Can you send me a linky to the item? I have my serial numbers, so have been checking local listings...

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    Well, let me know your location and model no. and ill tell you if there is a chance it could be yours

    I'm in Warwickshire, it was a Kodak EasyShare something or other. Hubby's got the model number (trawling around the cash converters - it had some significant pictures on it), iirc it was a M870 (maybe!)

    bought off gumtree before and yeah as long as you meet in person and check over the goods make sure you are happy before you buy

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    Sorry PennySaver, its a Sony

    Don't apologise, I'm glad it's not mine. Not sure what I'd do if I found it, but it had a short film of my daughter's first steps on it, so I guess I'll keep on looking for it! Of all the stuff that was taken, that hurt the most. Already replaced, but we won't get that moment back Just be cautious, if he's got no cables or chargers for it - I'd be wondering why...
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