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Found 9th May 2007
Hi i just wanted to ask are there any companies who ship to the uk as goods are much cheaper in usa, if anyone knows of any please help!

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Off the top of my head
Pacificdvd or movietyme but most Blu-Ray are region locked.

if your thinking of buying quite often parcel2go rent you a us post box for 10 quid a year.then they ship it over.


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is it?
so if i bought something from amazon can i use that?

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not working at the mo

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im looking for retailers who ship to the uk ie is there any way of buying from amazon.com apart from renting the address service which isnt working at the moment

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sarbjeet thanks mate, but im looking at electronics, i.e, surround sound systems, and ipods etc , trainers

everything basically!

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added rep sarbjeet

Im also looking for somewhere to buy electronics from the usa as it's so much cheaper.

thanks for the rep roadie.

roadie i just tried going to amazon.com and clicked add to basket and signed in to my login asked for my delivery adress, and then delivery service picked standard and takes me to the final stage of the order when i have to confirm so it does work. only if you have a amazon.co.uk account. i didnt no it worked i no where to shop now lol.

What charges could you incur for buying from abroad?

Oh and looking at amzon.com all the surround sound systems can only be shipped within usa.

tried books, and cds worked fine

Books are imported to the UK duty free as it doesn't apply. I have been stung on DVDs, PC games, movie posters, graphics cards, a saddle... pretty much anything else.

Customs will tend to nail you for any goods over the £18 mark (as Robov said books and comics are exempt - [url]www.midtowncomics.com[/url] is who I use)

Yeah it's all good and well saving money but customs can be quite harsh, thus getting rid of any discount you had

If importing was an easy process, we'd never buy from the UK again!

if customs open it and its over 20 quid limit expect to pay about 20% of value on import taxes.not so much difference on films and games these days when you take into account shipping and such,big items over 1,000 you save on.

Lombear how much is shipping from midtowncomics to the uk? Also sarbjeet, when purchasing cd's and things like that from amazon.com. How did you find the shipping costs to be. Im just wondering if you actually save anything buying from abroad.

Anything over £18 Various charges from VAT to import duty. You might get it through you might not also worth looking at european countries with tax paid in country of origin it can be shipped to UK without further charges apart from excise duties unless for personal use

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to be honest its all about luck i bought 5 ipods from usa when they were really expensive and i sold them on ebay and taking out paypal and shipping i still made £60 profit on each except once i got stung with duty and customs
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